When the Devil falls in Love.

When the Devil falls in love it’s not just love but an irresistible passionate force.

Like they show in movies of the vampire constantly engulfing every part of her life into his world, drawing her “blood” through art and data left behind.

Like being a stalker without the stalking as instead of hanging around outside her window?

I look through other windows including making my own via “Camera Lenses”.

Like wearing virtual glasses with 20/20 vision suddenly.

Anyways to me love isn’t just the typical I love you’s but sacrificing your time like a “mother does a child” in order to glorify them in countless ways.

Love is self sacrifice no matter what and especially when it’s unrequited.

But you can have hope because you never know as unrequited can transform over time in more since it rearranges into “You never Quit”.


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