Everyone is worthy

The only time anyone is ever unworthy?

Is when they allow society or others to make them feel that way next to actually committing heinous acts which makes one a piece of shit instantly.

Except even then there is always a way out if you simply create it for yourself as you have the power to judge and determine yourself in life.

Hence why even the Devil recognizes God as the “Heart of Gold” within self as it enables us to block out all the negativity in order to become our own reality.

Like the movie Constantine where he grabs his chest to leave hell causing the demons surrounding him to vanish and then coming to in the detectives apartment.

The point is that God or Devil let alone society doesn’t hold you back, only you yourself do due to lack of application towards who you desire to be.

Which can be anything.

As even desiring just to be in love with one and not looking further then that is still something you desire to be in life and a very valid role to play.

Since we need eachother in many ways not just financial.

Meaning that if we continue denying eachother love to due finances and status or “outside remarks” from others?

Then we are all doomed already.

Genesis 15:11
And when birds of prey came down on the carcasses, Abram drove them away.

“Jesus,” said Clary.
“I doubt he’d fit (in the wooden box).”
Jace.” Clary was apalled.
-Clary & Jace, pg.255-”

― Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

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