Love and Art always go hand in hand because Art comes from the Heart while taking place in it at the same time.

2 Sam 5:9
So David dwelt in the fort, and called it the city of David. And David built round about from Millo and inward.
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“Even fools say something worthwhile now and again. Even a blind pig finds an acorn sometimes.” 
― Robert Jordan, The Eye of the World

“I find I still adore walking. Absurd, obviously, what with it being merely a case of putting one foot in front of the other and so on – but there you are.” 
― Glen Duncan, I, Lucifer

Exo 39:19
And they made two rings of gold, and put them on the two ends of the breastplate, upon the border of it, which was on the side of the ephod inward.
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 Psalm 119:19-55
19 I am a stranger on earth; do not hide your commands from me. 
20 My soul is consumed with longing for your laws at all times. 
21 You rebuke the arrogant, who are accursed, those who stray from your commands. 
22 Remove from me their scorn and contempt, for I keep your statutes. 
23 Though rulers sit together and slander me, your servant will meditate on your decrees. 
24 Your statutes are my delight; they are my counselors. 
25 I am laid low in the dust; preserve my life according to your word. 
26 I gave an account of my ways and you answered me; teach me your decrees. 
27 Cause me to understand the way of your precepts, that I may meditate on your wonderful deeds. 
28 My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word. 
29 Keep me from deceitful ways; be gracious to me and teach me your law. 
30 I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws. 
31 I hold fast to your statutes, LORD; do not let me be put to shame. 
32 I run in the path of your commands, for you have broadened my understanding. 
33 Teach me, LORD, the way of your decrees, that I may follow it to the end. 
34 Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law and obey it with all my heart. 
35 Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight. 
36 Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain. 
37 Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word. 
38 Fulfill your promise to your servant, so that you may be feared. 
39 Take away the disgrace I dread, for your laws are good. 
40 How I long for your precepts! In your righteousness preserve my life.
41 May your unfailing love come to me, LORD, your salvation, according to your promise; 
42 then I can answer anyone who taunts me, for I trust in your word. 
43 Never take your word of truth from my mouth, for I have put my hope in your laws. 
44 I will always obey your law, for ever and ever. 
45 I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts. 
46 I will speak of your statutes before kings and will not be put to shame, 
47 for I delight in your commands because I love them. 
48 I reach out for your commands, which I love, that I may meditate on your decrees. 
49 Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope. 
50 My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. 
51The arrogant mock me unmercifully, but I do not turn from your law. 
52 I remember, LORD, your ancient laws, and I find comfort in them. 
53 Indignation grips me because of the wicked, who have forsaken your law. 
54 Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge. 
55 In the night, LORD, I remember your name, that I may keep your law.

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