Quran and Bible: Two books same God different moods. “Mood Swing aka Pendulum”

I am a bit drained from yesterdays creative blitz.

But just imagine each box being the separate books.

One is the Quran and the other is the Bible meanwhile the Doctor plays God/Lucifer.

Hence why in the Bible God says I create Light and Darkness and in the Quran Allah says I am the greatest deceiver “of them all.”

Where then the Bible says that upon the return of the “Lord” only he will carry a mark and a name that is understood completely only by him.

Meaning it’s like climbing in between two cliffs where you need to bounce from one side to the other in order too make it to the “Top” in order to understand the “full picture”.

Otherwise you only get half the story and half the truth which is the difference between understanding that God is real and present “Alongside” Lucifer in terms of how it all works.

“BBC ⁂ Pen15 “

Hence why Stars and Stories sync so well with all these revelations that I have been sharing for years.

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