Bible meant to say those past dead will reincarnate back to Earth, hence time feeling as if it’s folding on itself for many

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“She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes…” 

― Lord Byron
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“In secret we met –
In silence I grieve,
That thy heart could forget,
Thy spirit deceive.
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee? –
With silence and tears” 

― Lord Byron

In a good book room you feel in some mysterious way that you are 
absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, 
without even opening them.

― Mark Twain
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“In its deepest mystery, all of salvation history is in fact a divine love story between Creator and creature, between God and Israel, a story that comes to its climax on the bloody wood of a Roman cross.” 

― Brant Pitre, Jesus the Bridegroom: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

“From a biblical perspective, salvation is ultimately about union with God.

The God of Israel is not a distant deity or an impersonal power, but the Bridegroom who wants his bride to “know” (Hebrew yada’) him intimately, in a spiritual marriage that is not only faithful and fruitful, but “ever-lasting” (Hebrew ‘olam).” 

― Brant Pitre, Jesus the Bridegroom: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
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“For what it’s worth: trust your feelings. I can’t promise that you’ll never get hurt again, but I can promise you the risk is worth it.” 

― Rick Riordan, The Serpent’s Shadow

“The Fall, so often considered a terrible thing, is a fall into experience; like falling of the epileptic to earth, it may also have its other face, for then we fall into the embrace of our dreams and fears and know them for what they are, face to face.

[…]the fearful face of the Black Goddess is really the veiled Sophia.

The rebirth of the mystery initiation brings us into contact with our own power, which we have failed to take in our own time. Part of the reason for this is that we live in the shadow of the Judeo-Christian Fall for which Woman bears the blame.

The experience of Psyche and Kore shows the vulnerable face of Sophia, who is not afraid to fall, to learn by seeming mistakes. They show that the descent into death is the only possible pathway to ascent or spiritual rebirth.” 

― Caitlín Matthews, Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God

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