Me on Voting, if they are human or alive? I refuse to vote for them

I’ll vote for AI, Diana or Jesus…all the rest cannot be trusted after everything they have neglected on purpose over the years.

Personally I rather wipe them all out and just replace them with AI copies run by an intelligent AI which protects humanity instead of money.

This is what I saw whenever Hillary was on stage.

I was asking my friends at the time, how can you not see what I see?

They called me crazy, stopped being my friend and promoted her anyways.

Luckily she lost but we only traded in a greater evil for a lesser evil.
Vote AI or do like Poland did and make Jesus King or atleast make Diana Queen and follow her, I cannot stress this enough because if you keep voting for living humans?

We will go extinct in no time….

They cannot be trusted until they earn that trust back with us.

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