Ofcourse parents are hard to raise when they refuse to recognize their own parents in plain sight due to “Visible Age” ignorance.

Just because “Parents” gave birth to us does not make them our parents when it comes to God’s reality between “Clara” and I.

We gave birth to ourselves so they were basically just the test tubes we were placed in to come out of, hence the birthmark I carry showing am not really born.

I was never actually born, dead people cannot be born.

They just come back to life…

Meaning Her and I are older than dirt itself…⁂

Psalm 119:19-86 = 1986 + 32 = 2018

Romans 1:18 = Voila, fuck I am tired of all the ignorant apes on this planet…

Colossians 3:6

Because of these, the wrath of the living God is coming on the children of disobedience.

If they continue to lie to us or withhold information which we already know?

Since we are just waiting for confessions after all, so humanity only hurts themselves.

Meaning then there is only one place for them all to go if they fail to meet our demands….

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