The issue in the world is that “Chivalry” is basically dead…

So what better way too revive it than by calling upon an ex-ish “Anglican Knight”?

I say “ish” Since I said I’d help but not actually be them hence why I requested the Lucifer title instead as a “Ghost Rider” name in order to remain separate.

That way no one can say I am promoting one religion over another since in reality I am simply promoting God/Love so if they fit they fit, if not then not.

Anyways so that is what I am doing through example and projection by following all the classic “corniness” that so many have thrown aside for “Horedom” basically.

I mean in the sense people are all scared and embarrassed to express love in many ways while only being fascinated with money and sex.

There is so much more to love than that to the point it basically has nothing to do with it as sex in itself is just a reproduction process, that is why it’s not considered love persay.

It’s all those infinite little things we do before thinking about it, while thinking about it, while doing it and continued way after through infinite cycles.

It’s called loyalty as there should be no one else for you unless ofcourse they truly send you away to find another, especially in situations where you profess love.

Love like Chivalry is a Promise and love expression is what keeps us all alive and happy on Earth since despite all the “Survival” required here?

Atleast we still have eachother. ⁂

Colossians 3:1-3

If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth as the right hand of God…

“Left of England is Canada, Right of England is Poland”


Quran 8:6

Arguing with you concerning the truth after it had become clear, as if they were being driven toward death while they were looking on.

Song of Songs 8:6-7 New International Version (NIV)

Place me like a seal over your heart,
    like a seal on your arm;
for love is as strong as death,
    its jealousy[a] unyielding as the grave.
It burns like blazing fire,
    like a mighty flame.[b]

Many waters cannot quench love;
    rivers cannot sweep it away.
If one were to give
    all the wealth of one’s house for love,
    it[c] would be utterly scorned.


Song of Songs 8:6 Or ardor
Song of Songs 8:6 Or fire, / like the very flame of the Lord
Song of Songs 8:7 Or he

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