The Queen: He’s going to come after our gold quick like nestle quick create a distraction.

Flip side:

The Queen: Those fools, thinking gold will work on him.

I know what will work on him, or who…

“Christianity Truth Serum” “Counter-Strike”

Image result for clara oswald i was born to save the doctor

“All the metaphors in this world wouldn’t scratch the surface of what stepping into darkness is like for me. And that’s just darkness.

Don’t get me started on light. Really, don’t get me started on light.” 

― Glen Duncan, I, Lucifer

“The way back will come but once. 

Be steadfast.” 

― Robert Jordan, The Dragon Reborn 

“It’s amazing that a man who is dead can talk to people through these pages. 

As long as this books survives, his ideas live.” 

― Christopher Paolini, Eragon
“Devil’s Advocate”

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