Due to being raised by T.V the stars have been more my family in terms of teaching.

Most of everything useful which helped me in life social wise came from T.V or Books and Music as well so Art in general.

I listen to people I admire and respect while reflecting what I learned from them in life.

So since I never had many people like that in my life growing up I always looked towards the stars for advice, kinship and comfort.

The strange thing is that I love their world but I could care less about being in their world persay hence my whole desire to marry a star which would be best of both worlds almost.

Since unless we would vanish there would be publicity no matter what which is no big deal for me as I never have anything to hide, aslong as I remember the events ofcourse.

Hence all my confessions through expression these past two years as I soul searched trying to remember all that was said and done, that way nothing can be used against me.

Since I do not feel guilt over them due too everything being a learning lesson left behind to ponder on in order too learn from them.

That way I can find out why and where I went wrong and right in order to expand the positives from there.

Meanwhile reaching towards greater goals at the same time.

So since I only desire love out of the world due to having little passion in other areas.

Trying to create a greater love reflection for the world might be the only thing I will be able to accomplish in life based on who I am as a person.

Since the idea isn’t to destroy and change eachother but show eachother alternate ways too see who agrees to what more.

Unified differences are ok aslong as both people respect and atleast try to understand eachother.

Since understanding well mainly wanting to understand is the key to everything.

If we are willing to understand and trust eachother?

Then there is no obstacle that we cannot accomplish together.

The universe was built on love chaotic and otherwise so it needs to remain on love as opposed to the cold ignorant material world we have presently right now.

2 Corinthians 8:16

But thanks be to God, which put the same earnest care into the heart of Titus for you.

“I want to walk into a room, be it a hospice for the dying or a hospital for sick children, and feel that I am needed.

I want to do, not just to be.” 

― Diana, Princess of Wales

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