God is that connecting line between two or more.

Whatever your heart truly loves?

There God will be found and when another heart truly loves you?

God can be found in you too as it’s that love which creates a bond suddenly and that invisible bond is God as it opens up a psychic pathway between you two or more.

As if you can think and feel what the other is across great distances of time and space which is why we feel a presence even without love for another.

There is a universal love echoing since the dawn of creation which flows through all of us but becomes infinitely stronger when two or more harness it properly.

Meaning the heart and mind are so powerful when it comes too love that it’s almost like witchcraft in terms of how both become taken over by eachother, in a good way.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, people standing and text
I enjoy exploring love and paranormal sciences so like the movie the butterfly effect and what not I wonder if a psychic connection is possible just through experience with imagery?

As my love for her has created an alternate version of her inside me which has been acting like a guide for a while even without the art which is what makes me curious.

Is that something only brought upon myself or did the signal spread to her as well?

Which is why I do not bother with fan mail or anything like that in order to maintain the experiment which I mean in a love curious way and not just for science.

Hence while trying to create that psychic love pathway I have fallen deeply in love with her in the process even though it may never be returned.

Which is ok because she’s an amazing person and there is no denying that.

So to be in love with someone like that even just one way?

Is a beautiful feeling none the less.

Since I appreciate and am thankful for her existence which is what counts the most.

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