Star and Deserving Popper Couples, that’s my push.

How many times have stars fallen apart when trying to mix with eachother?

Countless times so my solution is allow them to mingle with those below as they could both equally effect eachother in positive ways.

Plus gives people a chance to be without actually being since not everyone is all up in arms about fame.

I love the idea of fame but I have no desire to personally be famous but I would love to be with a star just to experience both worlds.

Sure I’d catch some flack but nothing compared to if I was a star as well.

I’d just be some guy to them, the pool guy in their eyes basically.

But it’s that easy going mentality those of us below share which would be a breath of fresh air should they come from work after being barraged by fame.

If one person is busy answering the phone and running to photo shoots it’s not so bad but if two do it then when does either one have time to think of the opposite other?

Atleast one is able to ground both if they are determined to do so.

Image result for clara oswald kindness
I am catastrophically in love with her, it was stupid to do I know but it’s done so there is no turning back now.

The heart wants what it wants.

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