It’s like I could do anything else…

Or I could make up writing and creative excuses just to post pictures of Jenna.

I even spent 80 bucks on the Resident Evil 2 remake and played it for about three hours only to get bored of it because I missed Jenna.

If I am not writing about her or including her in my writing, I am thinking about her and when I am not thinking about her?

I am sleeping and dreaming about her.

It’s like being trapped in a reality box where all the wall paper is Jenna, ironically mimicking the reality of my blogs, walls and pages too.

Brain to Heart: Don’t make a virtual shrine, that’s a little weird.

Heart to Brain: I’m gonna make a virtual shrine and make her my Goddess while creating a religion out of it or something.

Brain to Heart: Why do I even bother talking?

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