Pearls of Wisdom

Pearl 11

See the sacred in all things

And you become holy.

See the good in all people

And you become enlightened.

Seek the source of wisdom

And you embrace eternal essence.

Seek to be empty

And you are filled to overflowing.

Let go of expectations

And you cannot be disappointed.

Let go yourself

And you become content.

Fear not the touch of sorrow

And you will not fear to know your joy.

Fear not death

And you will not be afraid to live.

Know the darkness

And you will see the light.

Know the bitter

And you will taste the sweet.

Rush after happiness

And you find misery.

Rush after wealth

And you become poor.

Seek for approval

And you become the prisoner.

Seek after security

And you will live in fear.

Thus does the Master find within

The goodness of all things without,

Seeing in all creation

The footprints which lead to God.

“They’re based in fact, even if mundanes think they’re myth. Shadowhunters have a saying: all the stories are true.” 

― Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

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