Pearls of Wisdom

Pearl 2

In the gardens of the soul does the Master speak, saying:

“I am detached,
Not bound by cold disdain,
Neither aloof nor made indifferent,
But resigned to the acceptance of all things,
Revealing the will of God,
To stand untroubled and unperplexed,
Secured by faith and fully trusting.

I am detached,
Free from the demands of pride and ego,
To dwell unmoved by lesser passions,
Standing beyond both blame and praise,
Being anchored within by a calm assurance,
To rise above the hurtful fray,
Being guarded and well protected by a godly hope.

I am detached,
Embraced within by the far beyond,
To gaze upon some great horizon,
Not seduced by the entanglements of others,
Neither lured nor baited by hurtful words,
But looking quiet beyond the storm
To see the great eternal.

I am detached,
Bound to God but not disconnected,
Seeing clearly the ways of life,
Seeking ever that greater light,
That I might be a light to others,
Braced within by calm demeanor,
To be for all a friend.

I am detached,
Seeing beyond the veil of time,
Beyond mere mortal flesh,
Enraptured within by songs eternal,
To touch the heart of God,
Becoming in life that sacred way,
To touch the life of others.”

“This life is not perfect, live it to the full, it’s all we have” 

― Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

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