Pearls of Wisdom

Pearl 5

In the gardens of the soul does the Master speak, saying:

“I am compassionate,

Bearing in my soul the weight of imperfection,

Seeing in others the reflection of myself,

To be in them and they in me,

The shadows of each the other,

Finding within, the things most common,

Revealing the likeness of greater things.

I am compassionate,

Ever seeking to understand,

Reaching always for deeper wisdom,

Being quick to love and gently hold,

And in my heart but soft enfold

Both saint and sinner,

To make as one with God.

I am compassionate,

Bringing light in place of darkness,

Joy in place of tears,

Hope in place of despair,

And wisdom in place of hurt;

Seeking not to judge or find unworthy

But seeking only to forgive and gently heal.

I am compassionate,

Greeting all with a gentle approbation,

Being in my soul the one who knows,

Seeing the world for what it is,

Yet guided within to make it better,

Reaching forth with gentle hands

To change the world forever.

I am compassionate,

Dressed in grace and kindly manner,

Seeking to rescue and uplift,

Striving to undo and restore,

Guiding the mind to some greater understanding,

Laboring beside the God of Heaven,

To touch the heart of Man.”

“You will never really think hard about your life until your oxygen mask is taken away from you when you are at the bed of the ocean.

At that exact moment, your true self will be revealed.

You will really know if you are a believer or an atheist, whether you really love life or hate it as you usually say.

All your claims will be tested” 

― Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

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