Small thought on accents

I wonder if a woman born and raised in England had a baby with a man born and raised in Canada, what accent would the child have?

I’d imagine if the child was raised in England it would naturally adopt the English accent.

Same story I’d imagine if it were raised in Canada instead but would it be possible that maybe the child by choice or genes mimics an accent of choice?

Meaning the child listens to mom and dad let’s say in Canada but prefers mom’s accent and just chooses to adopt that instead?

Or would it be a genetic thing, depending on who the child takes after more is the accent that will come out naturally and may or may not stick around based on environment?

I dunno food for thought while I’m eating lunch as I thought about Canada basically being a child of England and yet our accents are completely different.

Despite both being raised to speak English.

Image result for quotes on accents

“The accent of one’s birthplace persists in the mind and heart as much as in speech.” 

― La Rouchefoucauld

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