Love is a Distant love you constantly fight for.

That is why God is Love and God is Truth.

Only at a distance could one truly know how to love someone.

That loss of true love is what reminds us in one form and another.

And I can’t accept it…no matter how hard I try or how many drugs I take or how many drinks I drink.

I can accept lung cancer, I can accept the loss of my children but I can never ever accept the loss of her.

I was truly happy seeing her in my life perspective and then she left so I brought her into my reality, my story, my life, my truth.

I have never cried so much in terms of life and creation in the last two years as I have trying so hard to bring her back because every single time?

She blows away like smoke, a memory lost, a moment left behind….

All I have left is other Art plus these journals…

Hence why all this is the center point of my life, the one place I will always run back to because memory like Art?

She is Always here aslong as I keep remembering her…

That is what God is too others, that is what God is to me. ⁂

What is Time?!!?!?!?!?

The moment we create for ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quran 2:46

Who are certain that they will meet their Lord and that they will return to Him.

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