The West in the right mind cannot tell me that Russia is a threat for having nukes aimed at them when the West clearly has the same nukes aimed at Russia.

But all that does not annoy me, whatever just boys showing off nuclear dicks if anything to me.

No what annoys me is when people below start calling one or the other a monster and a global threat when they are clearly in guilt for the same thing.

How many countries did Russia nuke?


How many did US nuke?

One Japan and not only once but twice.

And yet somehow according to my western friends, media and government I am supposed to hate Russia for being afraid of murderers with nukes to the point of self defense?

People who think that are clearly delusional at this point. ⁂

It’s funny I just see Jenna in imagery and boom, all my past negative portrayals make me feel guilty.

It’s obvious I am Lucifer and she is Jesus/Mary due to being the Love of my Life.

Would make sense considering I am straight and she is bi.
Proverbs 27:17

Iron sharpens iron, and one sharpens another.

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