Dream = Mary’s Devil. ⁂

She was thinking about the D until the “Holy Spirit” arrived out of the shadows.

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Everything we create comes from a dream.
Everything was a dream before we ourselves brought them into reality.
Regardless of reality they are still dreams living among us.
Dreams can be reformed, changed, destroyed and recreated.
If the dream you currently live in feels like a nightmare?
Change it!
“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”
― Edgar Allan Poe
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“The past beats inside me like a second heart.”

― John Banville, The Sea

What we have known will always end and has ended in order to bring forth something new.

It is how we mentally and spiritually evolve.

Evolution or regeneration in many forms is key to our survival.

All stories may be built upon lies but those lies were built by using personal truths.
“That’s good; don’t deny it.

Denying the undeniable just makes you sound like a fool as well as a liar.

In this profession, you can be one- sometimes the other. But never both.” 

― Ally Carter, Only the Good Spy Young
“Real strength is not hitting when what you most want to do is kill.” 

― Ally Carter, Only the Good Spy Young

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