The Online World is the Real World Too because it Spills Out Into Life.

No different than Death Spilling into Life, like an oil wreck and the outside universe of space to nuclear rods in water etc…

Which is the same as Jordan pouring into Israel and Israel pouring into Jordan to create “Is Real”, “Two Hearts”.

With England being my “Brain” Poland my “Head”, U.S “U’R Shoe”, Canada “Cain, Diana, DNA”, India “In Diana”, Australia “Alpha Omega Strangle Yeah” etc etc etc

I can pick apart everything and everyone who has wording over it/them which is absolutely all “Allah”, above and below. “Lucifer”

Try finding anything or anyone without words over them or it?

You can’t and even when we do at times like new planets?

What do people instantly do?

Place words on them in which case always benefits me in some way, form or fashion including numbers as you cannot use two without words.

Unless everyone chooses to go mute and flash number cards instead?

But anyways I am Death walking in with all life as His Universal Cloak.

You are Me and I am You hence why I understand You plus Life so Well. ⁂

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“Say I’m a bird! Say it! Say it now!”

“You’re a bird.”

“Now say you’re a bird too.”

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook
Revelation 2:28

And I will give him the morning star.

Quran 11:33

He said, ” Allah will only bring it to you if He wills, and you will not cause [Him] failure.
“Fiction is truth, even if it is not fact. If you believe only in facts and forget stories, your brain will live, but your heart will die.” 

― Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows
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Luke 4:6

“I will give You authority over all these kingdoms and all their glory,” he said.

“For it has been relinquished to me, and I can give it to anyone I wish.

Quran 11:40

[So it was], until when Our command came and the oven overflowed,

We said, “Load upon the ship of each [creature] two mates and your family, except those about whom the word has preceded, and [include] whoever has believed.”

But none had believed with him, except a few.
“‎True love isn’t expressed in passionately whispered words an intimate kiss or a embrace; before two people are married, love is expressed in self-control, patience, even words left unsaid.” 

― Joshua Harris

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