So it goes to prove it’s the environment/people who breed problems.

It’s clear as day really as when you look at people brought up in better communities?

They rarely ever have issues with drugs, gangs, lack of education funding, crappy job chases while surrounded by people who try to attack you constantly.

I honestly do not blame them for having gated communities and islands plus all that other jazz because the lower levels are absolute Hell.

There is nothing good about growing up with poor parents in a poor environment surrounded by poor abused and abusive people.

It’s complete poisonous destruction.

Sure people can escape if they escalate into debt while grinding their lives away doing whatever just to escape poverty but where’s the happy middle they speak of?

I have been in this so called middle class with a house, family and job on my own which was my furthest legal reach out of poverty but then the people plus job were hell.

And ofcourse I did the whole drug dealing thing for a while but then it was even more scum plus cops to deal with, yet more headaches just to have peace.

It’s pure retardation because I have no desire for money, just some sort of semi-peace which is impossible to attain in a money driven and grubbing society.

Meaning having to go chase cash I have no natural desire for while including my lack of desire towards life in general?

Is pure retardation.

Some people you just need to grab and shove them in a corner like the movie transcendence at the end in order to keep them away from the general structure.

It costs nothing in comparison to accomplish.

So withholding that for whatever delusion is definitely not worth all this chaos that’s spawning.

When the dog is whining you throw him a bone and he shuts up, problem solved.

Not ignore it for 2 years and then wonder why is he making deals with the East suddenly…


When your family neglects you constantly?

You find a new family, simple.

Leadership 101 ⁂

I’d go with her in a snap.

It’s way better than where I am now, so it would be a no brainer.
“The CIA has a great reputation and a terrible record.

It relies on machines, not men, to understand the other side.

They counted Soviet weapons with spy satellites but never figured that in the meantime communism was crumbling.

They poured billions into Afghanistan to give the Russians their Vietnam – which they did, only by ending up breeding an entirely new menace, the Islamic jihadis.

They claimed the existence of WMD in Iraq and provided a war-mongering President with a pretext for war.

Want me to go on?’ Harry snorted.” 

― Manreet Sodhi Someshwar, The Hunt for Kohinoor
“I’m about to do something very clever and a tiny bit against the rules of the universe.

It’s important that I’m properly dressed.” 

― Tommy Donbavand, Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow

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