I always tell the Truth, especially when I Lie.

The “Devil” is in the details.

What I leave out is actually what I am putting in.

What I am putting in is what I refuse to leave out. ⁂ (All Time Life, “Latin”)

“Intellectualism is trivial compared to affairs of the heart.” 

― Marty Rubin
“I have fallen in love with you Sasha Ava Stryker.

I am afraid it is eternal and binding.

I wanted to stake my claim on you tonight.

To make you mine – for now and infinity to come.” 

― Farrah Naseem
“Do you know what I’d do for you?”

A huskiness enters his voice as he circles my chin with his thumb.

“You’re the only heaven I will ever know, Rachel”—he looks into my eyes—“and if you were a hell, I’d sin my whole life just to stay with you.” 

― Katy Evans, Manwhore +1
John 3:30

He must increase; I must decrease.

Quran 21:39

If those who disbelieved but knew the time when they will not avert the Fire from their faces or from their backs and they will not be aided…

“You only feel powerless because your fear has given your power to the object of your fear.

Once you realise this, you can claim it back.” 

― Kamand Kojouri
“Seek to get to the heart of the matter, because regardless of how hard it has become, everyone still breathing has one.” 

― Hope D. Blackwell
“You want help? Ask for help. You want love? Ask for love.

If you want anything from the universe, anything from yourself, you must first ask.” 

― Kamand Kojouri
“If we claim to know God, let’s reveal Him.

If we say we are his servants, let’s carry Him” 

― Sunday Adelaja
“We all are the Prisoners of our Mind. Forget & Forgive to Claim your Freedom.” 

― Deepak Chandra

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