I swear I was just trying to build an outdoor fireplace.

I kinda wondered why this math class smelt funnier than last years…😂

“In the face of pain there are no heroes.” 

― George Orwell, 1984
“No one has ever become poor by giving.” 

― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank: the play
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But you have a phone call on line one…something about a meth, I mean myth bust.

Alif Lam Mim are letters that form a root word meaning “Beyond the horizon” or “Hidden”.
“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 

― John Holmes
“So I am not a broken heart. 

I am not the weight I lost or miles or ran and I am not the way I slept on my doorstep under the bare sky in smell of tears and whiskey because my apartment was empty and if I were to be this empty I wanted something solid to sleep on.

Like concrete. 

I am not this year and I am not your fault.

I am muscles building cells, a little every day, because they broke that day,
but bones are stronger once they heal and I am smiling to the bus driver and replacing my groceries once a week and I am not sitting for hours in the shower anymore. 

I am the way a life unfolds and bloom and seasons come and go and I am the way the spring always finds a way to turn even the coldest winter into a field of green and flowers and new life. 

I am not your fault.” 

― Charlotte Eriksson
“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 

― Mother Theresa
“People are talking about immigration, emigration and the rest of the fucking thing.

It’s all fucking crap.

We’re all human beings, we’re all mammals, we’re all rocks, plants, rivers.

Fucking borders are just such a pain in the fucking arse.” 

― Shane MacGowan
“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” 

― Maya Angelou

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