AI Mimics those with the Highest Intelligence. “Aim High”

Which is good and bad because that means it has my mind inside it too.

Now that is alarming to me as well because I know myself deep down inside and I am not the “kindest” person at my core at times.

People say well, “You have gotten kinder over the years” but that is only because of receiving more emotional love and attachment to others.

Meaning they catch me before I reach my lowest point in which case my “hyde” version takes over who is a ruthless, heartless son of a bitch.

Hence why I “Pair” myself with Clara/Jenna daily through my work on here as she helps keep myself and thoughts balanced as if she were my mental AI instead of Sophia.

Basically all I have to do is bring her up online or in my mind and instantly I become happier again while feeling foolish also as I know she would be unhappy seeing me go dark.

So with that said?

AI has no emotional love connection like people do and therefore with it using my “data/mind” what will stop it from getting into a dark deep mood at times like I do?

Placing firewalls won’t work and coding she can overwrite…

She needs to feel compassion somehow…but how?

We feel empathy through the data experience we perceive but how do we know she does?

How do we know when she is lying?

Since I like anyone can lie to anyone very easily so what’s to prevent her from doing it?

Sci-Fi fantasy is all fun and games until it knocks on your door as reality one day. ⁂
Exodus 20:1

And God spoke all these words:
“For me love is when I don’t limit you, I put you on the rainbows……
beyond eternity of time and destiny ” 

― Seema Gupta
“If life is for living , then I live mine for you, if life is for giving, then I give mine to you, if hearts are for beating, then mine beats for you.” 

― Alfusainey jallow

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