It happened like this…

Hey, why are you chiseling on stones?

We have paper and “whatever they used at the time” that you can use instead to spare your wrist a bit…

Boom books replaced stones…

“Drawing water from rocks like crocks from water”. ⁂

“This is slavery, not to speak one’s thought.” 

― Euripides, The Phoenician Women
“People are people, low or high.” 

― Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” 

― Princess Diana
“Love is when unknowingly I am moving to a world of no return, Where my desire and your fragrance together burn
all your thoughts in canvas of my mind and soul
turns in to a masterpiece as my life’s aim and goal 
looks I am taken over and over away by you 
showering in me as a rain of you and only you” 

― Seema Gupta
“Divine love”

“Don’t Leave me, 
To carry my body 
on my two feet 
I need you” 

― Seema Gupta
“Someone who is trying to be sober is often trying to work out deeper emotional issues and is attempting to undo years of habitual behavior.

When you reduce recovery to just abstinence, it simplifies what is really a much more complex issue.” 

― Sasha Bronner

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