On the Topic of Jesus Miracles…

Besides them being metaphors/analogies and what not for other things he actually did since people love to over exaggerate things to make people larger than life?

“Them” meaning whoever knowing Jesus would come back due to obvious reincarnation reasons “over exaggerated” for two other possible reasons:

1: Obvious sabotage since people are now expecting a unicorn compared to the reality of Christ.

2: They were ordered to do it in a such a fashion so that only the true one would be able to see through everything and piece it altogether.

“The original form of fraud control, which is obviously flawless since without my birthmark in the right spot?

None of this would have ever clicked.” ⁂

“You are here.
the moontides are here.
and that’s all that matters.” 

― Sanober Khan
“You are the ocean to my eyes.” 

― Sanober Khan
“Love is where unseen and unsaid things 
merge with each other
where silence is thirsty of happenings” 

― Seema Gupta
“The sapphire depth
of my own love…startles
and warms
and wounds my soul.” 

― Sanober Khan
“But—I’m leaving.”

Not without me.” 

― Josephine Angelini, Trial by Fire




“When you touch a man’s heart, he will remember it forever and never let you go.” 

― Dixie Waters
“Love is your addiction to an eternal longing for someone…

A thirst which one cannot relinquish” 

― Seema Gupta

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