Cain doesn’t only stand as a warning but as natural proof of God and Heaven plus Hell through the birthmark.

It’s like one of the old sayings.

“It’s easier to prove heaven through evil than it is through good.”

Since in reality majority constantly focus on the bad, like pain, it overrides goodness very quickly as soon as we encounter it regardless of the situation.

Take for example you are walking through the woods, it’s a nice beautiful warm day, you’re with friends or family and nothing could get any better in that moment until suddenly snap! you twist your ankle.

At which point all that beauty, goodness and perfection instantly comes crashing down as it all becomes engulfed by the pain aka temporary Hell that you are experiencing in that moment.

Effectively causing us to reach up for assistance in order to walk the path back home which mimics all the teachings you find of heaven and hell just like so many other examples we experience daily.

The point is that in the Bible it clearly states Cain was birthmarked and cursed to reincarnate back on earth forever.

Meaning that every time he dies he is reborn back on Earth again no matter what.

So what does Cain do during all that time up to the present day Me?

Survives the only way he knew how, by mimicking God and Satan in various ways all over the world which is why they all share similarities and common themes including Jesus who shared a theme with the Dragon.

While also sharing that same Dragon theme with Vlad the Impaler plus Komodo dragons and dragoons etc….

The reason I brought up Jesus in the mix of “Evil” is because he mentioned that all things go through him and from him as if he were death of sorts but on a flip side perspective?

Jesus probably noticed the same cursed mark, remembered that he was Cain by 30 like I did and set out to do what he does best based on the social requirements of the time. ⁂

“When you handle books all day long, every new one is a friend and a temptation.” 

― Elizabeth Kostovia, The Historian
“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything.

Maybe we’re from the same star.” 

― Emery Allen
“As you know, human history is full of evil deeds, and maybe we ought to think of them with tears, not fascination.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian
“What’s the difference?” I asked him.

“Between the love of your life, and your soulmate?”

“One is a choice, and one is not.” 

― Tarryn Fisher, Mud Vein
“Never before had I known the sudden quiver of understanding that travels from word to brain to heart, the way a new language can move, coil, swim into life under the eyes, the almost savage leap of comprehension, the instantaneous, joyful release of meaning, the way the words shed their printed bodies in a flash of heat and light.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian
“The very worst impulses of humankind can survive generations, centuries, even millennia.

And the best of our individual efforts can die with us at the end of a single lifetime.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian
“Recently abandoned people can be complicated.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian

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