Invalid = One ID On Vlad.

All this is not even the weird stuff which is what I find humorous in a strange way.

For example, I was just at Tim Hortons for breakfast and at one point when I bit into my breakfast sandwich some tomato juice spilled out from the back.

As that happened it actually looked like it was mixed with blood and the first thing I thought was, “Oh shit I nicked my finger on something or a hang nail ripped off causing it to bleed.”

Anyways as soon as I looked, my finger and hand were fine while the small blood pool underneath looked like tomato juice again.

In which case at that exact moment I recalled the word “Invalid” causing me to remember the above definition for it.

The point is that where darkness is my friend?

All my memories of my dark past are triggered by dark and twisted moments that most people cannot handle in the modern world.

Since anyone having flash backs on a regular basis would probably seek a doctor instead of trying to cause them to appear more for the sake of genetic memory recall studies. ⁂

“It was not the brutality of what occurred next that changed my mind and brought home to me the full meaning of fear.

It was the brilliance of it.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian

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