The Book of Vlad: The Impaler

Dracula. The Son of the Dragon. The Dragon Prince. The Devil’s Son. I have been called by many names and many still to come but I lived only as one, Vlad The Impaler. Many have heard stories of my existence, fabrications, lies, and imaginative works based upon my life, all now compiled into simple works to pass the time. Yet, they do not know the truth. A truth that stings the soul and twists the mind. A truth that tempts the darkest parts of your hearts to come out and see the world. A truth that is too real and unburdened by remorse and guilt, but instead full of vengeance and hate. That is my true tale and that is what I am here to tell you. Now the question is, are you brave enough to listen?

Source: The Book of Vlad: The Impaler


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