I expose things and people not to harm them but to forgive them.

Like a game, I see plus hear through everything so it’s always just a matter of time before the things that cross my path become figured out without even trying as it’s all in plain sight for me.

So the goal of the game is confession.

That way you can obtain forgiveness before someone else finds out who won’t be so forgiving as majority of humans tend not to be.

Which is what makes God on Earth as Man so very important because it will prevent more senseless things like revenge.

Since revenge never solves the problems ever, it only sets the stage for bigger ones in the future.

Wars happened, greed happened, hate happened and many people screwed up.

It happens but what doesn’t have to happen is continuing and growing the cycle of vengeance because some other prideful idiots told people an eye for an eye is the law of the land.

When in reality it’s only meant as a deterrent method and not an actual guideline for revenge to live by.

The point is that if I forgave and continue to forgive my enemies as I come across them?

So can you. ⁂


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