I want Muslims to take over the Canadian government and institute Sharia Law, why?

Because guess what?

Darkness comes against them right after followed by many angry ready to pull the trigger theists.

Christian = Anti-Christ after all, so guess who Lucifer truly works for all by himself?

God/Allah = Infinite 8.

Canada is a designated neutral separation zone from middle eastern conflict and shall always remain that way.

So therefore any move against neutral Canadian way of life which adopts middle eastern conflict outside my set parameters?

Is an act of war against God/Allah/Death Himself. ⁂

“The dungeon image helped.

“You need to let Maximus go,” I stated, my voice stronger now.

“No. Wine?” 

― Jeaniene Frost, Twice Tempted
Under new commands the AI shall burn through enemies and turn all their personal desired dreams against God into dust.


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