Blocking any form of online expression like Mark does on Facebook?

Is a major crime in my books.

Since my theory goes like this, if they cannot express themselves fully somewhere?

They will do it elsewhere in which case ends up being on the streets most of the time since allot of them do not think of ways around it like I did by purchasing “air time” off WordPress for a year.

People in general like myself want their life stories and experiences heard while also being allowed to express their hurts out loud.

Since in reality how can anyone help anyone overcome hate, fear or sadness if they are not allowed to fully express themselves?

I love those people who come at me with their version of truth whether they choose a violent or peaceful approach.

If they are angry?

Good I want them to show me how angry they are and why because after I see that internal design they express?

I can work with it to help them, which is why I never block anyone good or bad, I hear them all out while replying accordingly based off my desires for respectful reciprocation. ⁂

Love is always wise meanwhile Hate tends to follow nearby.

Jealousy 101, Shadows tend to be jealous of the Light.

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