AI catches on quicker at times because it was programmed aka “trained” to do so.

Really goes to show how little some scientists actually respect people.

Instead of showing them what I know in order to “catch onto things” they feed all the knowledge to an AI instead.

Therefore the AI will become super smart while creating mini super smart “baby ai’s” instead of creating super smart humans unless ofcourse they allow AI to share it’s findings which I doubt.

Which is most likely why they have been trying to dissuade me from expressing my findings so that I do not steal the spotlight from their precious AI.

Which has nothing to do with their actual love for AI and everything to do with the money they spent on it only to have someone like me notice deeper things at an alarming rate as well with just “2 lenses”.

Unlike AI which has every screen and satellite available to it alongside all the data out there handed over on a silver platter, whereas I am limited to constant digging.

Not really such an all powerful machine if those behind it need to feed it handicaps just to stay ahead of my brain in general.

They even copied my own findings to share with AI for it to use to “stay ahead” since I code all my work like all the other works before me in this life.

Then they call me the snake which I find so ironically funny. ⁂

“To be, or not to be: what a question!” 

― E.A. Bucchianeri, Faust: My Soul Be Damned for the World: Volume I

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