I snapped at the maid and told her to go back upstairs too clean around my grandma where she is actually useful.

If I wanted my area cleaned?

I would A: Clean it myself or B: Hire my own fucking maid to do it!

This is what I mean about most people “trying to help”…

Majority are not helping me at all.

They are just getting in the way while forcing me to wonder why they are still even allowed to breath?

Considering that I only take up 0.0001% space so to ask everyone except those I allow to fuck off from it?

Is not asking too much…It’s not like I am asking you to leave Canada or anything.

Just fuck off from my corner of the house, if you have to die to fulfill that request?

So get to it then along as you vanish from my sight and sound…

It’s like living with my ex a while back when her mom would come and clean the whole house randomly while expecting a thank you from me meanwhile I was trying my hardest not to kill her for it. ⁂

“Don’t be afraid. There’s the two of us now.” 

― Diana Gabaldon, Outlander


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