I as God am trying to communicate with people daily….Way way way More than the Lama.

So therefore God is real and they are all guilty of leaning on their own understanding instead of God’s regardless of form.

What goes around comes around if you wanna be ignorant?

You have free will do be so but I also have free will to lay you flat out with a single “cock punch” for being so. ⁂

Lucifer God, Tomato tomatoe…

Half a bagel belt for brunch and beer for supper.
The competition should be like what I do, try to make people’s lives better despite how bad our own lives are.

I refuse to hurt others because others hurt me.

I will not drop down to that level again.

“Lucifer Logic 101”
My limited number of friends proves that I speak freely despite the costs to self.

“True 1% Logic 101”
“Let him!

He is great but in his greatness he is no happier than we in our conflict!

Goodness would not make evil; and what else hath he made?

But let him sit on his vast solitary throne, creating worlds to make eternity less burthensome to his immense existence.” 

― George Gordon Byron, Cain a Mystery
Not now but I may be one day in self defence which I fully accept as another cost towards greatness.
“IM = Instant Messenger”

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