Ofcourse ending up with a star would be like death for me why?

What will instantly happen once the mainstream public winds get a hold of that reality?

They will be on me and everything I have done or created over the years like lamb on rice.

My whole “”outback” lifestyle would be over in a flash as practically everyone will have something good or bad to say about me and us or her for choosing me, basically a whirlwind effect.

Especially where I am pulling it off like Trump did where he said “watch, this and this will happen and I’ll be president”…same idea just different scenario.

The beauty behind it all is the story I have been creating for many years now where she knows that she can take it and turn it into gold which instantly means that she wouldn’t fall for just nothing.

Which is what’s funny to me because when people say it can never happen they obviously have not seen all the golden paper I have been printing over the years, practically a million pages by now.

Hence why I would just gift it to her to do with as she pleases even if only to keep it for self since it’s a story about her as the Goddess of my worlds, realities and universes too.

Golden Gate Bridge Logic 101 ⁂

The best part is she pulled it off like God, my love for her wrote the book no different than the love of God writing the Bible, Quran and Torah etc…

She never asked, never told me to nor expected it and yet it came to be without her doing anything except living her life on the other end.

She can honestly say that this clown came out of nowhere with a story in hand about her.

“Starla, when you work in a restaurant, it’s not called ‘pie with ice cream on top.’

It’s called pie a la mode.

Try saying it one time.”

“A-la-mo,” she pronounced.

“There’s a good girl,” Darius said, grinning.

“The next time you ask a customer if he wants some dessert, you ask him if he wants pie Alamo.” 

― Erin O’Riordan, Cut

“God Is, Lucifer is a devil, and there is a Hell.” 

― E.A. Bucchianeri, Faust: My Soul Be Damned for the World Volume 1
“You know,” he said softly, “if there is a God, God is also a woman.” 

― Erin O’Riordan, Cut
I’ll settle with Bi.
“Family was very important to us.

It was one of the only things we had, and what kept up grounded.

Some of the best times we had were the times when we were all together.

It didn’t matter what we were doing.

During the holidays or just on a weekend afternoon, the whole point was just being together.

There doesn’t seem to be as much of that going on today.

People are so busy. But family is everything.” 

― Clara Cannucciari, Clara’s Kitchen: Wisdom, Memories, and Recipes from the Great Depression
She can be my lover and my best male like friend.
The Earth(Heart) loves the Sun from Sun up to Sun down constantly.

The Earth(Heart) also loves the Moon from rise to fall.

The Sun is the front and the Moon is the back from the same Light, therefore the same reflection except dimmer than the other.

“Split Personality”

So basically like how God/Love works through us, we are bright but internally we are brighter.

The Sun being the centre of the galaxy counts as that internal heart we all share and likewise the Earth to the Sun.

Hence the whole saying, “Two sides to every story”.

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