I am relatable to most except that most seem to be fictional characters for the most part…

Give or take since there are a few who relate in similar ways and others who I have not personally come across yet.

Like I mentioned a while back, you know who you are so do not let me stand in the way of that.

I am just offering myself up as assistance in various ways for various people and everyone is different so if it doesn’t involve you?

It does involve someone else.

That’s where I lose myself at times because where I have no actual problems?

I need to place myself inside others in order to figure out their problems for them. ⁂

“… Never worry about what has been done. Only about what will be.”
― Joe Abercrombie, Half a King
We are our past as much as we are our present and future.

No sense in hiding from it, accept it and make it better if needed.
“If you can’t find anything to complain about you aren’t looking hard enough.” 

― Joe Abercrombie, Half a King

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