I think it’s stupid that I need to throw so many “groups” under the bus just to be taken seriously.

I am just trying to have a conversation with people who keep not replying to my calls and emails or when others do reply?

It’s just with some stupid scripture rebuttals which is like trying to use an authors own book against him which is pure stupidity on their part.

Which is why I have been escalating the situation by doing all this and taking pictures to keep open public record of all who are on my bad side and good side temporarily.

Making a list and checking it twice….⁂

It’s like and who the hell do you think Lucifer is?

Christ and God…Trinity 3 in One.
“That there is a Devil, is a thing doubted by none but such as are under the influences of the Devil.” 

― Cotton Mather, On Witchcraft
Listen = Silent

Because when you are listening you aren’t talking.
“Two go into the bedroom and 9 months later 3 come out.”


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