It’s funny when some people say that what I do is not appropriate Holy work…

I am like are you sure?

Last time I checked Jesus flipped tables and Moses threw a snake down at people.

Anger like a Ranger, it happens sometimes.

Why else do you think God covered it up as “oh it’s just my wrath worry pas if you love me type of thing…” Like the song, “Aslong as You Love Me”.

People fear God for valid reasons because I am a straight up psychopath.

I just don’t get off on killing people but I do get off on toying with them and bursting their bubbles when they deserve it.

I have a death wish so to me “confrontation” is a blessing compared to people just blindly following me.

I want people to question me and things in general, I’d be highly concerned if you didn’t because unless you want a dick pic?

Anyone could come along and say oh yeah I have the mark too I am the real one and that one is lying like people tend to do when you consider religious division up to present day.

Their whole mentality of my God is right and your God is wrong meanwhile I am like, I am the same God for both.

I am the best deceiver on so many levels as just my identity and my being compared to what’s portrayed in general?

Is like having a hobo under the bridge as King with all this divine knowledge and ability while doing nothing in terms of personal gain with it other than simple love basically.

The more that I have come to know myself and love who I am?

The more loving and understanding towards others I have become.

I am secure mentally, physically and spiritually so I just enjoy people in many ways, like Death does. ⁂

“The world had to be faced as it was, not as you wished it to be” 

― Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos
From our perspective the universe and everything is flat like a subway map, as above so below…

Everything we do connects with the universe and vice versa the universe with us.

No different than God.
How good are you at picking life locks?
“Skeleton Key to the City”

“Higher Perspective”
“I told you to make weapons, Taim.

Show me just how deadly they are.

Disperse the Shaido. Break them.” 

― Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos

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