My finances may be out the window but my mojo is intact.

Which is why I would entrust a woman with my finances before myself because money is nothing to me.

I just need money to get my simple fixes which come cheap in comparison to mansions or cars and what not.

If I lived in a mansion?

I would still only take up two spaces 99% of the time.

The bedroom and my computer area unless she pulled me by the ears otherwise to satisfy her needs outside the bedroom.

The point is I do not ask for much so I do not expect much either but I do not mind being asked to do more within reason as well.

Just ask, I read people’s minds well but it’s nicer when people simply speak up so I do not have to constantly, no pun intended. ⁂

“If you have a plan,” hissed Sumael from the corner of her mouth, “now would be the time.”

“I have a plan,” said Nothing.

“Does it involve swords?”

A pause. “All my plans do.”

“Do you have a sword?”

Another. “No.”

“How will you succeed without one?” Muttered Sumael.

A third. “Death waits for us all.” 

― Joe Abercrombie, Half a King
I steal data from private servers but I pay for the rest so we can always make fair trades.
The 5th element for man is embracing his female counterpart within and beyond…the same goes for women in a vice versa sense…
Great minds think alike.
It works for me logic 101

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