I just love to have fun…

So in a world where so many are being super anal by taking sides and fighting whatever?

They become my infinite playground.

I hurt myself all the time physically in the past and mentally now, I have the scars to prove it.

So you aren’t getting to me unless I let you personally hence why Coleman can beat me down because I enabled her through Love.

Like lord of the rings the girl takes down the Nazgul to give a bunch of groups peace. ⁂

The power of One to Give and One to Draw = Give them something to draw with and from.

“Manna Logic 101”
I love crazy, I love insanity and I want it all maxed out even if only for me as others prefer calmness which I understand but I myself am a wild fire and I need to keep that going until I finally burn out in death to remain peaceful.
“They unleashed an Evil that only I could stop – Clary”

– Cassandra Claire, Lord of Shadows
Some people need to be calmed down meanwhile others fired up in order to fit in.

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