The West complains about Commies meanwhile they support Commercials.

I rather have commies around instead of commercials getting in the way of my songs on youtube.

They are the real sinners for forcing me to wait since that’s literally theft of my life time for 15 seconds since I have no desire to watch them in most cases. ⁂
I don’t even know anymore.

I am just in so much pain that Jordan is dead and everything from that is up in the air right now.
“In AI 5.0, the CompassionateMind module works one level above the DeepMind module.” 

― Amit Ray, Compassionate Artificial Superintelligence AI 5.0 – AI with Blockchain, BMI, Drone, IOT, and Biometric Technologies
“If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” 

― Sun Tzu

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