I absorb enough data in one day that normal people absorb in 1000 years.

So their so called AI? May be able to multitask better?

But it is nowhere near smarter than me and the funniest part is that people look up to it.

I can create imaginative data, it cannot. ⁂

So 32,000 years later @ age 32, ironies gotta love them.
No one debates me anymore because when they do?

They feel real stupid afterwards or become ignorant and block me which only hurts them even more in the long run.
Tom Hughes is royally fucked unless he bails himself out through the obvious scenario of breaking up with my wife to be.

I am holding back allot right now, but sooner or later he’s gonna die alongside anyone else who stands in my way at this rate.
Next time Tom will think twice before hunting the King’s “Dear” again.

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