I finished reading a few articles on actors…

People think they have it easy but all three actors mentioned how they have to work 14 hour days on set.

Which I am sure is not all the time but in between them having to diet or memorize lines and practice their character personalities etc…?

It turns into a 24/7 job per series or movie basically.

I work 14 hour days doing this from home but that’s the key thing here, I’m at home.

I don’t have to dress up let alone diet or memorize anything.

I just wake up and go with the flow as I see fit.

That’s where I balance having wealth or time because sure actors make allot of money but at what cost to themselves?

I’ve done enough running around while working other jobs growing up so now its just like fuck that noise I rather make 1% of what they make and not have to do anything excessive.

Which is why I respect and admire them while feeling that they do deserve the large sums of money they receive even though many people complain about that because those people do not understand.

Even actors having to make appearances at awards and ceremonies is just nonsense to me, I would be telling them to fuck right off with that crap but I respect that they do it and/or enjoy it.

Hence why I am easy to get along with as a creator/writer/director/preacher because I completely understand the situations we place ourselves in for whatever reasons.

Some people need to run around and keep busy meanwhile others not so much.

I personally prefer to keep my mind wild and occupied while others use their bodies to do the same which is no different than mind plus body being separate and yet together, society runs the same way.

The thinkers power the doers and doers power the thinkers, everyone is designed a certain way and we simply need to accept that.

I put in the extra mind power to make up for my lack of physical power like others do physically.

The grass may be greener on the other side but how much work was put into it that you don’t have to worry about on your end? ⁂

A little appreciation goes a long way.

I love them because I don’t want to be them so I love what they do because I do not have to do it and yet can enjoy it none the less.
I love them all, cannot get enough of them.

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