I could hardly eat for the last four days but today I ordered Wendys and ate it all and boy do I ever feel good, like spread love good. “Mayonnaise”

Fasting/semi-fasting in one way or another reminds us how wonderful food is alongside removing other pleasures in life and then returning them like love, sex, nature etc….⁂

This is so much fun as usual.

Aslong as basic needs are met, God is Good.
“You never know!” Neith snapped.

“The point is, I’ll survive the apocalypse too.

I can live off the land!”

She jabbed a finger at me.

“Did you know the palm tree has six different edible parts?”


“And I’ll never be bored,” Neith continued, “since I’m also the goddess of weaving.

I have enough twine for a millennium of macramé!”

I had no reply, as I wasn’t sure what macramé was.” 

― Rick Riordan, The Serpent’s Shadow
From Me to We and back Again.

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