It’s come down to this…

Them: Just delete the data and we will never leave you alone ever again because obviously you need a full time barbie like babysitter just to not be a “whining” baby. “Like Alcohol but better, Acid”

I be like, I give full credit to humans, life is hard trying to fit in like one of them.

I just can’t do it, I am only good at “being” one thing and one thing only, God aka Myself, “John 1:1” ⁂ “Good Game”

Desperate times call for desperate measures…
Desperate to be a house wife, well cat or dog at least…
“Often you don’t know whether a woman is friend, enemy or lover until it is too late.

Sometimes, she is all three.” 

― Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos

“Mysteries of attraction could not always be explained through logic.

Sometimes the fractures in two separate souls became the very hinges that held them together.” 

― Lisa Kleypas, Devil in Winter
“Erasing Evidence”

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