Henry Kissinger = Harry Ginger Kissed…. “Root of David”

Suddenly years later Diana has Harry who has Ginger hair…

If the future isn’t already set in stone with clear signs from the past/present then how do we explain accurate historical predictions like that?

It’s one thing to plan a name but to nail it right down to the hair colour like they did with my eyes?

There is no science I am aware of that could predict that accurately back then, in the present day sure I could say it’s AI predictive modelling but back during 1923 it had to be seers.

The same kind of seers who have looked into our futures now which they display all over media in various forms. ⁂

Another thing which boggles my mind is how Diana looks exactly like my mother when she was her age.

It’s like looking at a ghost, no pun intended.
He’s fair. He treats us all the same – like dogs.

– Henry Jordan
Since I have overcome the world already as myself there is zero competition for me hence why helping a side like the royals would be an enjoyable team to assist.

It would give me something to do with my skills.

“Skills = Serpent Kills.”


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