If you can match the film/show to the book?

Then you will always get the full picture. ⁂

“Jordan, he’s loved you forever. It’s obvious. Have you not seen how he stares at you?” 

― Miranda Kenneally, Catching Jordan

Damn, he’s fine.
Damn, he’s a good quarterback.
Damn, he’s nice and sweet.
Damn, he’s a good kisser.
Damn, he’s buff.
Damn, he’s great to his family.
Damn, now that I know about Henry,
I’m not sure Ty and I are right for each other.


I love the way his curls flop around and hang across his forehead.
I love how he never just lets me win. I have to earn it.
I love how he touches me just because.
I love his loyalty.
I love how when we sleep head-to-toe,
he always finds a reason to sleep head-to-head instead.
I love his unconditional support.
I love his spontaneity and crazy sense of humor.
I love his stupid dances.
I love….him.” 

― Miranda Kenneally, Catching Jordan
This must be the weirdest thing a football coach has ever seen: two quarterbacks making out.” 

― Miranda Kenneally, Catching Jordan

“Any chance that you’re pregnant?’ the technician says as he pulls the X-ray lamp over her swollen knee.

‘No,’ Henry and Dad say at the same time.” 

― Miranda Kenneally, Catching Jordan
“How can you be in love with someone for forever and not be willing to take a chance when it finally hits you in the face like a linebacker?” 

― Miranda Kenneally, Catching Jordan
“But what happens when you don’t find that right person?

Do you just spend the rest of your life in a relationship where the conversation isn’t great, everything isn’t perfect, but it is nice and sweet?” 

― Miranda Kenneally, Catching Jordan

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