It takes two to make “sound happen”. “Ear Muffs”

One to make it and the other to hear it, otherwise with no one around to hear it does it really exist?

Or like the tree falling in a forest with no one to hear it, did it really fall?

No if we never notice and yes if we find evidence, hence why God left evidence no different than we leave evidence through Art, DNA and what not.

The point is that everything and everyone wants to exist so God, like Nature like eachother, we all want to be heard because once someone hears us?

Instantly we become real, hence the whole 2-3 there I am.

“Shared Perspective”, even wormholes have two holes in which matter passes through. ⁂
We all got books in our soul.
“Karma is a Spiritual Camera Water Mark”
I prefer looking at women over books especially women who look over books as well.
“Maia pulled on a braid.

“I ran into Eric of all people.

He told me what happened and that you’d backed out of Millenium Lint’s gigs for the past two weeks because of it.”

“Actually, they changed their name,” Jordan said. “They’re Midnight Burrito now.” 

― Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls
“What are you looking at?” Jordan demanded finally, watching her. 

“A dragon.”

When he looked bewildered she lifted her arm and pointed to the sky in the southeast.

“Right there—that cloud—what do you see when you look at it?” 

“A fat cloud.” 

Alexandra rolled her eyes at him. “What else do you see?” 

He was quiet for a moment studying the sky.

“Five more fat clouds and three thin ones.” 

― Judith McNaught, Something Wonderful

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